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  1. Set your budget

  2. Find a studio that fits your needs

  3. Ask if you can visit the studio

  4. Ask if you can hear other material that has been recorded at their studio

  5. Rehearse your songs, including song you may not record (it’s good to have more than you need)

  6. Work on the arrangements, vocal, and musical parts Including Solo’s

  7. Plan on using a click track, and make sure the  band you can play to it

  8. Take care of your vocals

  9. Tune up your instruments; get new strings and new drum heads a week before your session  Find out about  their cancellation policy


  • Rehearse the song several times to warm up

  • Start off with a scratch track; this will give you an overview of what your song will sound like

  • Record your song, play through your mistakes and have the engineer do a punch in

  • Listen to playback

  • Rerecord any tracks that need to be polished up

  • Don’t force something into your song that doesn’t fit

  • Get the sound you want, Sometimes it can’t be fixed in the mix

  • Record individual tracks clean and add effects later


    1. Arrive early, Remember the clock starts running at your scheduled time, whether you’re there on time or late

    2. Talk to the engineer about  your project so that both of you are on the same page

    3. Make sure your instruments are in working order

    4. Go over your song while the engineer is setting up the session and connecting the microphones to the drum’s and other instruments

    5. Keep your friends away from your session, They are just in the way and you will not be focused on your project

    6. Don’t come to the studio drunk or high on drugs. This will only make things harder to do. The engineer needs to know what you will need for your project. Most studios will have a drug and alcohol policy in place and have no tolerance for such behavior













    1. Prepare for the mix

    2. Take a 30 Min brake to clear your mind and ears

    3. When listening to your song be sure that you can hear all the instruments

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